A man has to do what he has to do ...

... And this is exactly why we do this here!

For more than 3 decades RC Models are our passion, and this is something we want to share with you. But not only that, we want to facilitate and support you in this hobby as much as it is possible.
Some years ago we did a specializing into the large-scale segment which took a spell on us.

We run a very, if not the most successful racing team of the class OR6 (off-road large-scale 1/5, respectively 1/6). We count several National- as well as International and European champions in our team. For this reason it is not surprising that manufacturers and importers always be happy to work together with us and our team to develop, or increase there products to make them more successful. Based on this for example we are involved in the development of the models that are made by MCD Racing since years .

Our close relationships with manufacturers & importers enables us to react extremely quickly and provides us with a know-how which is unique. But this should not only be our profit, because this knowledge, we would like to share with you. With us you will not have any problems, only solutions and consulting adapted to every need and requirement. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a professional competition pilot, with us you can be sure to get the skills you need!