Hilantronics - Kill Switch Systeme

03.02.2016 17:41

Kill-Switch Systems in a class of its own - Designed and manufactured in Australia.



After some race series have released a new regulation that a Kill-Switch has to been installed in the RC-Car to guarantee more safety for drivers, track marshals and visitors we have started to research some time ago what would be a good choice to offer. And after many discussions with drivers and several company as well the test of several systems we have decided to go with the Systems of Hilantronics. Because they have shown the best overall concept and most reliable and consistent systems.

But not just the drivers who join races should have a closer look at this kind of systems. Especially the Hobby- and Fun drivers who mostly run on parking slots or public areas and not on special and closed tracks need such systems, because what will happen if your car run out of control and crashed into a real car or even more worst a group of people?
In that case the "Kill-Switch" System helps as it simply will stop your engine or by some systems also the electric if you have a flat battery, signal loss or radio glitch. The car will just stop on the place where it is and nobody get hurt and also will safe your wallet as surely no parts on the car will break.

The Company Hilantronics is specialist since years in the development and manufacturing of "Kill-Switch" Systems and based on this have a massive assortment of products at a maximum quality level. Doesn't matter if you are searching for a simple System with fix parameters that is easy to install, a system where you can optimize the settings based on your requirements or a high-end system that has a build-in data logger for engine temperature and RPM.

Why Hilantronics:

  • extremely reliable
  • wide range of products
  • very goog price / performance ratio
  • comprehensive functions
  • small size
  • easy to install and use

But have a look yourself about the product line. We are sure you will be delighted from the systems like us after you have used them the first time yourself.

Your RCFOX.eu Team

Dealer information:
We are pleased to announce that we are also the sole general importer of Hilantronics in Europe. Therefore we would be happy if you get in touch with us if you are interested in these Product line to become a Hilantronics Dealer as well.
(Contact us via eMail: sales@rcfox.eu)

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