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20.05.2016 16:57


From now we are happy to announce that we keep full stock of the Hörmann tire line. You will find the small 155 & 165 size tires as well as the new 175 size ones that are just released. Surely all items we keep on stock to ship out the goods to you as fast as possible and without any delay!

Hörmann Tires belong since years to the famous and most successfully tires in the 2WD large scale Off-Road scene. Related to the high traction and incredible reliability of the tires already many victories and titles could be managed in the last years. The Factory Team drivers are always testing and developing new compounds and pattern to release at any time the best possible solution to the market.

The Hörmann tire range offers a huge portfolio of different pattern and these always in different compounds. Based on this you always can find the best solution that is needed regarding the Track surface, layout or weather and grip level. For all detail information please check the items in our shop!


Important Information about the Tire size and Rims:

The with "small" marked tires fits on most 155 size rims like from MCD, Hörmann, Elcon, FG, etc. Please make sure your car can handle small rims before ordering them, if not chose the large 175 size ones.

Normally any 2WD Chassis works with the small tires and rims like the cars from Elcon, Hörmann, FG and similar. But also some 4WD Chassis like Elcon Imp4ct, MCD v4 line, CS-4WD, FG and others can work with the small rims.


The new 175 size Tires that are marked with "large" are ideal for LOSI cars like the 5ive-T, 5ive-B, Losi DBXL or the MCD 5 series cars as the work fantastic with the large tires and rims.

But also most of the 2WD and 4WD chassis that are designed for small tires can work very well and on some tracks ways better with the large tires. The choice is up to you ...


In our shop you also can chose as an option directly by the tires with a configurator the suitable rims and by the 175 size tires inserts as well. Please keep in mind that the rims has different adapters to work with the different cars. Related to this here a short overview:

  • FG Rims = 18mm square
  • Hörmann Rims = 18mm square
  • MCD Rims = 24mm Hex

Please order like needed for your chassis!

>>>  As a Set you can save some extra money 


If you are not sure what rims or insert to go with, just send us a email to info[@]rcfox.eu and we will support you!


Here you will find all Tires of Hörmann Modelltechnik

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