MCD Micro Stud v2 Tire extra Light Weight

09.06.2015 16:01

The famous EU Championship proven MCD Micro-Stud V2 Tyres will be available soonest in a way lighter version. After extensive optimization period we reduced the overall weight from 200g to 150g each tire. This 25% decrease helps saving 200g on all tires and reduces the weight of the car without any other modification. Because the weight is reduced on a rotating item of the car you will also receive a way better handling and the performance will increase as well. The other good point is all the benefits will not affect the life time and also the traction has been improved.

The new tire comes with 2 different hardness to choose from to suit different types of track.

The order codes:
M100204R - Tyre 180 mm Micro Stud V2 Blue Soft Lightweight
M100205R - Tyre 180 mm Micro Stud V2 Blue Medium Lightweight

The exact delivery date and prices will  be announced later this week ...

MCD Micro Stud v2 LightWeight

Micro Stud v2 Light Weight Micro Stud v2 Light Weight

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