Silicon Shock & Differential Oil from RCFOX

12.08.2016 15:45

From now we offer you our own 100% pure silicon oil "Made in Germany". We get supplied from one of the most reputable and leading manufacture of oils.
Especially for us they optimized the specs to meet the high demand and requirements for the use in RC Cars and to get one of the best silicon oils on the market for shocks and differentials. Tested in the laboratory and filled with a professional bottling line you will receive a unique quality with every bottle.

The measurement unit for the viscosity is shown in CPS, so you can easily compare them. Available is an extreme wide range from super low viscosity of 100cps till extremely high viscosity of 75.000cps with plenty of intermediate stages. Doesn`t matter if you have a small 1/16 scale car or large 1/5 scale vehicle, you definitely will find the right oil. Even based on so many different and close by each other viscosities you can setup your chassis very precisely.
The thinner oils are ideal for shocks and the thicker ones are great for the differentials but the boarders blur together.

With the special cap included a quick lock you can fill up the shock or differential very easy and even open or close the bottle with just one hand.
Compare to many other brands on the market we not just offer a 50ml bottle, we offer 100ml and even more a 250ml bottle for unbeatable prices.


  • -  extremely temperature resistant, doesn't matter if super-hot or frozen cold
  • -  100% pure premium silicon oil
  • -  optimized cap with quick locker and easy to dose
  • -  tested in a laboratory and filled with professional bottling lines
  • -  Made in Germany
  • -  perfect for Shocks and Differentials used in RC Cars
  • -  extremely wide range of viscosities with many intermediate stages


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